Elinor O’Donovan

Elinor O’Donovan (b.1995) is an artist based in Cork, Ireland.

In her practice which spans film, sculpture, drawing, digital collage, and installation, she makes reference to internet memes, cartoons, and film and tv tropes. By investigating the ways that stories inform worldviews and the blurred line between fact and fiction, she playfully suggests humorous explanations for what the world is and why it is, while creating glimpses of alternative, whimsical, or ironic realities.

In installations of her work, she mimicks theatre set-design in creating depth from flatness, while simultaneously examining the dichotomies of front-stage/back-stage, public/private space, and audience/performer. She often chooses to leave the raw materials of her work exposed, questioning what value remains when a work of art is sketchy and unformed.

O’Donovan received her BA from Edinburgh College of Art in 2019, and has since participated in residencies and exhibitions in Ireland, the UK, Europe and Mexico.

elinor.odonovan (at) hotmail.com