Elinor O’Donovan

Elinor O’Donovan (b.1995) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Cork, Ireland. 

Her practice references internet memes, cartoons, and film and tv tropes. Through playful sculpture, collage, drawing and installations, she teases out the ways that familiarity with common tropes in popular culture allows us to form cognitive shortcuts, influencing how we understand the world around us.

Drawing on theatre set-design, she examines the dichotomies of front-stage/back-stage, public/private space, and audience/performer. She often chooses to leave the raw materials of her work exposed, questioning what value remains when a work of art is sketchy and unformed.

O’Donovan received her BA from Edinburgh College of Art in 2019, and has since participated in residencies and exhibitions in Ireland, the UK and Europe. 

elinor.odonovan (at) hotmail.com